Interest Groups

Our Current Interest Groups:

5K Run/Walk Group

May 2021 Cinco de Miles

This interest group is a great group for anyone who is already a runner, or someone who is wanting to do a couch to 5k journey to be a runner or just someone who loves being a walker but would like some camaraderie. Our Motto is “forward is a pace”.

Bible Study

This group meets the first Monday of the month, at 7pm to and discuss different aspects of the Bible.

Breakfast Club (Out-to-Breakfast)

June Breakfast Club
September Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club September 2022

Breakfast group meets once a month. A member picks a restaurant and date for the group to meet at.

Bunco 1

Bunco 1 is made of 12 members and meets on the first Tuesday of each month.

Bunco 2

Bunco 2 is made of 12 members and meets on the third Tuesday of each month.

Date Night

October Fest

Currently this group is full. Date Night meets once a month and is made up of 12 members and their significant other. The host of that month plans an activity for the group.

Date Night 2/Game Night

Currently this group is full. Date Night 2/Game Night is open to Members and their significant other. The host of the month picks the game to be played. Held on the third Friday or Saturday of the month.

Daytime Book Group

This Book Group meets on the last Monday of the month. Each member choose a month, a book and a place to meet.

Daytime Movie Group

This Movie Group meets once a month for a matinee. Each member choose a month, movie and location.


Golf group is a non-serious group, so all levels are welcome. They usually play 9 holes on Friday mornings at local courses. It runs from spring until the courses are closed in the fall.


Each member will take a month to organize a hike. Come join them on the trails!

Kayak/Paddle Board (New)

September 2021

This is a NEW group that will meet from April – November at a member’s home on Baboosic Lake.

Mah Jongg

Mah Jongg is a fascinating rummy-like game played with tiles. This group plays American Mah Jongg which uses Jokers & a standard set of hands that are updated annually in April. This group started in 2014. This group meets at various players’ homes. Play begins at 11:30 every Friday. They are happy to teach this to new players who can make it on Fridays.

Make N Take

December Craft
September 2022

Make N Take each member takes a month to plan an Easy craft that can be completed that night and has simple low cost materials. The organizer will send out a reminder with her address and a link or picture of the craft, along with what materials are needed. This group meets the second Monday of the month.

Met Opera

This group will meet monthly on a Saturday for Met Opera movie. Will be informed in advance time, place, length and a brief description.

Night Owl Movie night

Movie night meets once a month. Each member takes a month to plan our movie outing. The monthly organizer picks the restaurant to go to before hand, the movie, location and date for the group.

Nighttime Book Group

This book group meets once a month on Thursday evening to discuss that months book.

Out to Lunch Bunch

Out to Lunch Bunch meets once a month at a local restaurant chosen by a member.


Meets the last Friday of each month. The type of poker played is dealer calls. Absolutely no experience necessary to play, just for fun and everyone helps each other.

Pub Night

Pub night meets on the second Friday of each month for happy hour at different places.


Do you have a hobby or interest that you want to share that you don’t see below? We are looking for new interest groups all the time. Please let us know if you want to start one with us today!!

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